Size: 93x63x72mm/3.7×2.5×2.8”.
Weight: 243 g/8.6oz.
Battery & consumption: Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V, built-in, approx. 9000 measurings. Charging time max 3.5h. USB mini B interface wall charger 110/220AC/5VDC; car charger adapter 12VDC. Cable Usb mini B Male/Usb Type A Male, 0.5m. Consumption max 0.9W.
Communication: IR, Bluetooth® class 2, Spp (serial profile), pincode 12345.
Temperature: -20° to +45° C/ -4°F-113°F.
Height: 0-999 m/ft. Resolution height: 0.1 m/ft.
Angle: -55° – 85°. Unit: Degrees 360⁰, Grads 400⁰ and %. Resolution: 0.1⁰. Accuracy: 0.1⁰.
ULTRASOUND: Distance: 30m/98 ft or more. With 360° adapter: 20m/60ft or more: Accuracy distance: 1% or better. Resolution distance: 0.01m/0.1ft.
LASER: Distance: 46cm/1.5ft – 700m/2000ft depending on target. Accuracy: 4cm/0.1ft. Resolution: 0.1m/ft (0.01m/0.1ft in DME-mode).
Shock/Vibration/Moist/Laser Classification: MIL-STD-810E. Housing frame material glass filled poly carbonate, IP67, NEMA6, Laser class 1, 7mm (FDA, CFR21) Class 1m (IEC 60825-1:2001).
Sight: LED crosshairs 1 x magnification.
Display: Graphic LCD 100x60pixles.
Dataformat: Nmea or Ascii.
Other: Aluminum transport/storing case. See user manual for more details.

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